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Monday, July 21, 2014

Random Photo Post!

Since I've done quite a few projects since I've been gone that I was entirely too lazy to do tutorials for, I figured I'd share a few pictures of some of them so you guys can feel a bit more caught up.  While there are tons of tutorials on the way, I'm about half-way through my cup of coffee, so I figured that photos would do quite nicely today!

Barefoot sandals!  I've made a few pair of these lately, and I hope to start selling them soon.  If only I can remember to pick up the rest of the materials when I'm out...

My mixer.  I hand-painted the strawberries and stripes, then sealed it all.

A necklace I made for a friend...

...and another...

...and yet another.

This little bat I made for the Wookie and I want to make several more.

I sewed pipe cleaners into his wings and into his little toes so that his wings articulate and he can hang from things.

What have you been crafting?

Wookie Wifey


  1. OMG BABY BAT!!!! Everything else looks great too, but baby bat is made of epic. HE CAN HUG HIMSELF!!!! ^___^