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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

DIY Cookie Cutter Yard Decor

What do you do when you buy some super cute vintage cookie cutters, but don't want to use them because you're about 99% sure that paint on them is lead?

Well, first you punch holes all around them.

They were rather thin, so I used a leather punch and it worked just fine.

Then, string some pretty beads and baubles onto something very strong.  Since it is crazy windy where we live, I used a very heavy test fishing line.

Then, tie the line to the holes.

Alternatively, you could use some cheap chain and then use jump rings to attach them!

These already had holes in the top on either side of the little handles, but if yours don't, that could be remedied with the leather punch or with an awl.  I used chain through the holes of the beaded one to hang...

...then I used a leather cord for this one since I'd used up all of my gold cheapie chains on it already.

Super quick craft that turned out very cute!  Bonus?  They hold up crazy well.  These have been hanging up for about 4 months now outside in the harsh summer heat and wind and withstood several bad storms and are none the worse for wear!

<3 WW

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Random Photo Post - THRIFTING!

I was just trying to decide what to post today when I realize I haven't done a thrifting post in pretty much forever!  I don't even have a good excuse, I just...forgot.

Got these bad boys for $1.50.  I'm so in love with them and they are HELLA COMFY!

Oh yeah.  Another creepy piece for my 'weird stuff' collection.  The syringe is actually glass.

$1 leather sandals?  Yes, please.

Love how cute and boho these are!

Another 'weird stuff collection' piece.  I think this was $3.

What's inside?  :)

Antique dissection kit!

This one, the Wookie spotted and it was $4.

I had one of these when I was a kid and was so stoked to find another one.

My makeup collection grew after these photos, though, so it has since been moved to a larger location.  The Rolykit holds jewelry making supplies now!  I love it!

2/$1 hand towels for the kitchen.

Cute wedges!  I think these were $3 or $4.  I can't wait until fall so I can rock them way more often.

What pretties have you found lately?


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Thursday, August 14, 2014

DIY Cardigan Clips

This is a super quick and easy way to re-purpose those adorable clip-on earrings you see everywhere at thrift stores...because who the hell wears clip on earrings anymore??

I realize it is still hot as Hades in my corner of the planet, but I'm posting this anyway since some of my readers are in Australia and I think its already cold there.  Yeah.  That's what we're gonna go with.

Actually, the truth is that I only ever seem to get struck with inspiration for winter crafts in the heat of the summer and vice verse.

Seriously, tho, this is stupidly easy.  String your beads or pearls.  I just used a broken bracelet because it was the exact length I wanted.  Make sure that if you are stringing them, to tie or crimp bead the ends around a jump ring so you can use it to attach them to the earrings.

Find a good place in the back of the earring you can wrap the jump ring around, then twist it closed.

That's it!  These are super cute and give you an excuse to buy the earrings you see out and about, but can't wear.  That, and they're great for actual function when you live somewhere super windy that threatens to remove a cardigan if you don't button it up.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How to Re-Size a Maxi Skirt

This is much more quick and painless than you think it is going to be.  I thrifted a skirt that was too big and, since we've already been through how to up-size one, I thought it would be good to go the other direction with it!

First you'll need a skirt that is too big and a new piece of elastic.  'New' is flexible.  I hi-jacked this piece from an old pair of skivvies!  SCANDALOUS!

Flip the skirt to the inside of the waist and find the side seam.

Carefully, and being sure to stay between the top and bottom  seams, cut a small hole next to the side seam, then pull out and snip the elastic as well, but don't pull the elastic out of the skirt because we're going to use that to cheat the Craft and Sewing gods.

Take your new piece of elastic and safety in it to one side of your old one, then carefully tuck the pin and the attached pieces of elastic back into the hole.

Then, take the other, non-pinned side of old elastic and, while holding the free tail of the new piece, yank the old elastic through the tube.  This should automatically thread your new piece in as you pull the old one out!  TAKE THAT, SEWING AND CRAFT GODS!

Once you have the elastic threaded through the tube, un-pin and discard the old elastic, then stitch the ends of the new elastic together.  Be sure to go over it several times so that it has a lot of hold.  No one wants a wardrobe malfunction.  We in the real world aren't looking for publicity.

Once that's done, stitch your little hole back closed and that's it!

See?  No difference at all from the outside, only one tiny stitched-up place INSIDE and now we have a new skirt that fits like a dream!  YAAAAY!  :)


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