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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review - DIY Foaming Hand Wash (and all-purpose cleaner)

I wasn't quite sure where to post this review as it sarted off as foaming hand soap, so...Beauty wing, right?  However, it ended up as an amazing, multi-purpose, indispensable item that could go on here since this is crafts and home/random shit.  At any rate, I figure it was high time I review my home-made products now that I've had a few months to test them properly.

If you like the review and want to give my recipe a shot, you can get a full tutorial here with the instructions on how I DIY'd my liquid castile base here.

Simply put:  I'm in love.  That is an unbiased opinion as one of the things I made will NOT get a good review and was replaced by this (obviously, the all-purpose cleaner).  While family seemed to really dig my other all-purpose cleaner, and it DID do its job, I just couldn't get over the heavy vinegar smell it had, even though there wasn't really all that much at all in there once it was diluted properly.  I loathe the smell of vinegar and had hoped all the other ingredients would cut the scent at the right mixture, but it turns out even a drop of the stuff makes everything stink to high heaven.

Now, this works great as a foaming hand soap.  I re-purposed an old dispenser, the only issue being that it foams great for one or two pumps, then not so much unless you let it rest for a bit, but that may be the pump.

After deciding I didn't like my all-purpose cleaner much due to the smell, I opted to give this a shot.  I've used it straight from the foam pump to dampen a cloth to dust, I've used it straight from the large container to wipe down the walls, cleaned the stove, mopped the floors, etc., and it does a marvelous job and leaves no residue or icky stuff behind that I've noticed at all.

The best part?  You're cleaning your house with something so natural and gentle that you can feel comfortable keeping it by your sink and washing your hands in it.  Try that with store-bought cleaners.  The mix of castile and the eucalyptus oil I added to the mix makes for a delicious, clean scent that is light-years better than vinegar, as well.

Verdict?  On this particular, glorious, multi-purpose product, I am NEVER going back to store products.


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