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Saturday, September 14, 2013

DIY 5-minute Hair Accessories

No, your memory is not failing you, nor is it that funny taste that may have been in your drink.  Although, if that actually happened, you may want to look into it.  You may have seen this post before.  In an attempt to make everything easier to navigate for everyone, I am working on transferring all of the old beauty and craft posts from the recipe blog to their appropriate homes on the newer wings.  I'll be only one a day so as not to clog up your feeds, so please bear with all the boring re-caps!

Why, yes, I do realize it is taking me forever and a day to move things over, but, sadly, life does not always cooperate with our plans.  Things have been busy and when they haven't I've just been too damn tired to worry about blogging, but I am making a concerted effort to do better.  I have a shit ton of craft projects to finish and it should be cooling off soon, which means I can get back to creative cooking and wearing makeup for more than ten seconds before I sweat it off, which will really up the posting frequency of all of the wings, so please bear with me and don't abandon me.  

I'll be all weepy and pathetic if you do, and that just isn't pretty.

No one wants to see that.

Here's a simple, quick, and super cute way to make some hair accessories out of old buttons.  See?

Cute,  no?  Easy, too.

All you need are some buttons, some bobby pins, some super glue, and some embroidery floss.

First, pick your button and see if the bobby pin will fit through the loop.

If it does, then this 5-minute craft just turned into about a 3-minute craft.

Dot some super glue on it and set it somewhere it can set up for the glue to dry.

If the your button holes are too small to fit the bobby pin through, grab the embroidery floss, cut off a small piece, use it to tie the button onto the bobby pin, then trim the ends as close as you can get them.

Super glue it all together, and don't forget the ends of the floss so they don't come undone.

One of them I put two buttons on...It still stays in your hair pretty well, actually.

And here's the whole line-up.  Quick, easy, and you can make hair pins to match anything.

The Wookie Wifey

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