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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Random Photo Post!

I have no idea which edition this is.  I've lost count!  Either way, time for some randomness!

Spirograph!!  How awesome is this thing?  I had one when I was a kid that my mom had gotten me at a garage sale.  I don't know what ever happened to it, but I loved that thing, so when I saw this one sitting on a table at a friend's house, I squeed, the squeed even louder when he told me I could have it.

All the original stuff!!!  :)  NERDGASM!

This.  More nerd stuff.  The Wookie's find.

The cutest (and sharpest) tweezers in existence.  I grabbed them at Big Lots for a dollar or two.  So sharp that they are better for crafting than actual tweezing, but they still get used.

A relaxing night cuddled up with a cup of green tea, a square of dark chocolate, and a book.

Some adorable cat vodka bottles I found at the flea market for $5 for the pair.  Empty, of course.  Damn the luck.

Our Yule tree...Yeah, some of these pictures not so new, lol.  Excuse the lighter fluid.  We had to put the tree up on a high shelf that goes over the Wookie's computer space because cats.

Glade air fresheners...I reviewed these for Bzzagent and, like an idiot, didn't see the little peel tab thing on the bottle to remove the bottom half of the label.  I loved them and gave them a good review, but I'd wondered why mine weren't as pretty, though maybe the store here just didn't stock the pretty ones.  Then I saw the "peel here" thing and felt like a moron.  They are cute, though.

The book I've been using for my chibi drawing.  LOVE this book.

Awesome little cuff I found at the flea market on the cheap.  25 cents or something like that, I think!  Next to it is the bracelet from Earth Jewel Creations that I won from Violet's giveaway.

Curls of holo ribbon laying on the stove from when I was wrapping my chocolate spoons for Yule.  I had like 500 pictures of this ribbon just because I'm obsessed with holograms and I think it is so pretty.

What wonderful craft projects are you guys up to?



  1. Spirograph!! OMG I totally loved mine as a kid. I'm sure my parents were just sick of the 50 bazillion scraps of paper with squigly lines on it, but man I loved that thing for years. I wish I knew where mine went!

    1. Apparently they have a talent for disappearing acts, because I don't know what happened to my first one, either!