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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DIY Boot Harnesses

Ok, so does anyone else who uses blogger have odd things showing up in your Labels that you didn't put there?  Because I do.  It is driving me crazy.

Anyway, on with the song and dance, no?

I've been seeing a gazillion variations of boot harnesses online, but most of them I've seen are primarily leather and I wanted chain ones!

Enter $1 flea market cheap layered necklace...

...and Ye Olde Engineer Boots.  They're kinda my favorite.  I kinda wear them a lot.  In case you couldn't tell.  You'll also need 4 clasps and some jump rings.

First step is remove the chains from the bar doodle-bobbers at the end that attach to the clasp.  To do this, just grab the jump rings on either side with 2 sets of needle-nose pliers and twist.  If you're nuts like me and save EVERYHTING to reuse, then stash them somewhere that you probably won't be able to remember when you go to look for them.

Next, take one length of chain, attach a jump ring to one end (I used a large one since there will be 2 clasps hanging onto it), then wrap it around the boot.  I found it easier to attach the other jump and the clasp while it was around the boot, then unhook it and take off the extra length of chain like this:

That's the clasp for the next part sitting down there, not the one in the upper picture.  You can see on the left edge of the pic where the ankle chain is still around the boot.  :)

Next, take another length of chain and go from the middle of the first chain (attach with a jump ring) on the outside of the boot, under the back of the arch (just in front of the heel)....

Then, bring it around, hang a clasp on the large ring, then attach the chain and trim it like you did with the first one.

That's it!  I took mine apart and re-did them to add the big rings in the middle.  All I did was take out three links on the ankle part where the bottom chain attached in the middle and substitute a key ring, then attached the bottom chain back.  I had to trim a few links from the bottom chain, too, but I love it, the end result was totally worth it!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these, and the best part is that since they unclasp, I can easily wear them with any of my other boots or even my heels.

What do you think?  Let me know if you try it!!

<3 WW


  1. love this! hmmm wonder if I have any shoes this would work with...hmmmm =)

    1. They look good on boots or pumps, so either way!