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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

DIY Cookie Cutter Yard Decor

What do you do when you buy some super cute vintage cookie cutters, but don't want to use them because you're about 99% sure that paint on them is lead?

Well, first you punch holes all around them.

They were rather thin, so I used a leather punch and it worked just fine.

Then, string some pretty beads and baubles onto something very strong.  Since it is crazy windy where we live, I used a very heavy test fishing line.

Then, tie the line to the holes.

Alternatively, you could use some cheap chain and then use jump rings to attach them!

These already had holes in the top on either side of the little handles, but if yours don't, that could be remedied with the leather punch or with an awl.  I used chain through the holes of the beaded one to hang...

...then I used a leather cord for this one since I'd used up all of my gold cheapie chains on it already.

Super quick craft that turned out very cute!  Bonus?  They hold up crazy well.  These have been hanging up for about 4 months now outside in the harsh summer heat and wind and withstood several bad storms and are none the worse for wear!

<3 WW

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