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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Random Photo Post - Critter Edition

It has been ages since I did a random photo post, so I guess it is about damn time!

This little guy landed on the glass part of the screen door one day and I couldn't resist a photo.

A neighbor's chicken...It is at that ugly, funny, adolescent stage, just getting in all its feathers.

We have these neighbors who are so awesome that they take in and rehabilitate abused horses.  This little foal was so malnourished when they got him that he couldn't even stand.

As you can see, he's feeling much better now and is just the friendliest little guy!

Pretty, blue-eyed beauty.

Another rehab horse...I think he thought I had a carrot or something.

Yes.  I do take a picture of EVERY butterfly I notice land on the door.

Der fishie.

GOATS!!!  So cute.  I used to mark all my photos, but I'm really too lazy for all that now.

Hope you enjoyed the critters!

Listening to:  "Doom" - Black Gene for the Next Scene


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