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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Craft Quickie - Bling Your Razor!

This is a super quick craft.  Not really a tutorial, but it is something you could easily do yourself, in your own style, and with very little time...Just be sure and shave your legs right before you start as Loctite needs 24 hours to set up properly!

Grab your razor and take the cartridge off of it so you don't hurt yourself.  Yep, I use a men's razor.  It works better than any women's razor I've found yet.  I actually stole this one from the Wookie.

I painted the non-grippy parts with my favorite nail polish (Ruby Pumps by China Glaze), then used the Loctite to glue on the little strip of chain and the skull.  DONE!  Make sure you use plenty of Loctite.  I need to re-glue my chain as it fell off, but the Wookie fell in love with this, so I did his as well in green with gold chains and a gold lion's head pendant on the front.  I used more glue on his and it has stayed on with no problem!


<3 WW

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