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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Random Photo Post - Craft Edition (Flashback)

No, your memory is not failing you, nor is it that funny taste that may have been in your drink.  Although, if that actually happened, you may want to look into it.  You may have seen this post before.  In an attempt to make everything easier to navigate for everyone, I am working on transferring all of the old beauty and craft posts from the recipe blog to their appropriate homes on the newer wings.  Please bear with all the boring re-caps!

Here's some crafting things I've been up to lately.  ^_^  I haven't done tutorials for most of these because none of them are my ideas, just things I've snagged off Pinterest and such and thought would be nice to make.  Enjoy!  <3

These are a few earring frames I made just for kicks...The one with the heart is my favorite, it turned out so cute!!
I macrame'd my Hello Kitty earphones...And I can not stress enough how well this works.  We tried to tangle them and couldn't.

I also made a few of these stretchy, button and lace bookmarks.  They work pretty well.  I shook the book and it didn't fall off, so I guess I did it right!  >.<

This is a funky necklace I made out of an old, scratched-up .45.  Sorry the picture sucks!  :)

Mario Mushroom plushie I made for the Wookie.  :)

My felt needle book.  Inside are magnets to hold the pins and needles in place so I don't have to worry with poking them in and out of the felt.

My Horde Ipod case.  LOVE this thing.  <3 <3 <3

My sweater ring box...This will get re-done as I'm not pleased with it...It looks okay, but I want the lines straighter and I have a few ideas on how to do that, I just haven't gotten around to it.  But for now, this works wonders and is the most organized way I've ever found to store my rings.  The box itself is just an old wooden cigar box.

This is a little Pac-Man wall hanging I made out of some old CDs.

...And last, but not least, I leave you with an entire horde of plush zombies...Both a group shot and they each got their own camera time!  ^_^

Hope you all are having a lovely time!  :)



  1. LOOOOVE. The sweater ring box is genius! And i usually don't like zombies...but those are so damn cute!!!!

    1. I ended up re-doing it with velvet glued around strips of foam and am actually still using it.