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Saturday, June 22, 2013

What's in my Bag?

I haven't done this in quite a while, so here's the newest edition of 'What's in my Bag?"

This is one of the bags I've been carrying the most...Until I very recently got an awesome one I'm currently giving a spin.  This is an old gas mask bag.  We found it at the flea market for like 10 bucks and I love it because not only does it look awesome, but it has some super spiffy pockets inside you'll see later...

A closeup so you can see the army stamp.

And here's what's usually inside.  Maybe easier to list what isn't inside, but here goes...

Top row - notebook for lists or whatever, 2 cases - details later - leatherman (god this thing is handy), flashlight.
Middle - measuring tape (handy for thrift store curtains and whatnot), a mini-container of mineral foundation, calculator (because I'm too lazy to look up the one on the phone), hand sanitizer.
Bottom - wallet, mini-brush, keys, knife.  RIP to that knife, it recently gave up the ghost and had to be replaced!

Here's those little cases.  They are pencil cases, but you can fit a ton of stuff in and they are so handy.  They slip right into the pockets inside the bag, too.

The purple one houses sunblock, a makeup sponge, lash glue, a lighter, bobby pins and hair ties, hand cream, tweezers, super glue, a mini sharpie, Orajel (the Wookie's going through dental work), an eye shadow brush, pen, eye liner, lipstick, and a nail file.  ALL THAT fits in that tiny little box!!  *.*

The orange box houses a few bucks in quarters in case of low tires (or claw machines!  >.< ), a little pill box with some Midol and Aleve, bandaids, a screen wipe for the Android, eye shadow, my jewelry graveyard of stuff that needs to be fixed that I never remember I have with me, mascara, face wash, moisturizer, a BB cream sample, and a gauze pad.  Usually I have a few tampons shoved in there, too.  These pencil cases hold a lot in a very small space and are really a lifesaver.

As you can see, the inside of the bag has 3 pockets where the cases fit perfectly, and the third I keep my measuring tape, flashlight, leatherman, and knife in.  The rest just gets dumped in the middle!

Yeah, I carry a lot of crap, but its better to have it and not need it....




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