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Friday, May 10, 2013

Color Blanks

I got a hold of this little guy via a friend.  He was just sitting around in his box all lonely and blank, so when he was offered to me, I figured I'd give it a go.  I've painted ceramics before and this is sort of easy-mode ceramics.

I forgot to take a pic when he was still in the box, but you can use your imagination.  He was basically all that was in the box aside from 3 markers, a sheet of stickers, and 4 glue dots.  Yes, that's right 4.

I looked at the tiny markers for about 2 seconds flat before I decided I was going another route.  Out came the black acrylic paint and a brush and on went his hair.

These things.  I can see they were meant to be helpful, but they were rubbish.  His head is round so I couldn't get them to lay flat, and in the end just said "screw it" and drew everything on by hand with the markers.

Here's the glue dots and the markers as proof.  Also, my paint and brush for his hair in the back as I'd already decided at this point that those tiny markers wouldn't cut it.

...And here he is!  I'd fully planned to take a bunch of pictures of the process, but my camera started the whole whining-because-I-need-to-feed-it-batteries thing again, so I was lucky it eeked these out when I was done.

The hair and sideburns I painted on with acrylic, the face and tattoos I drew on with the marker.
The jeans were made from the cuff of one of my old pairs.  I just cut out a rectangle and glued them straight to his body with Loctite and cut and formed them as needed as I went to make them look like pants.
The leather vest is from an old purse strap I cut open then just worked with it and glued it in place and used a die as a button that had been part of an eyebrow barbell and lost its friend long ago.
The chain in his fist is on there with Loctite as well and we've since found him a little sword!  >.<

A quick project and it was a nice pick-me-up to make the Wookie feel better as that is who he was given to.  I think he turned out adorable!